Chinese version of twitter “xinlang weibo”

Rapidly spreading contents by timely sharing / it is connect with xinlang blog,

it can improve the quality of the contents and its spreading effects.

The largest community communication channel/It can expend the timely interaction with help desk 

· Company Membership

   administrator center,Private APP,The progress of advetisement and campaign 

· Create Contents

     - A maximum of 140 words per text /long article

     - A maximum of 9 pictures per posting

· Marketing Skills

     - Community display advertisement

     - PEED Promotion 

     - FST(Fans tong/weibo advertisement center)

     - Headline advertisement

     - Weibo selection


Chinese version KATALK “wechat(微信)

A promotion platform which suits the best for cooperate marketing-It is possible to manage the CRM,  CS of the membership by grouplize the clients.

An accurate selection of the targets and a promotion of 1 to 1 or 1 to N. It also provides online stores and pay tools

· Public - Subscribe Account

  (Offers only very basic functions)

     -Being able to send one message each day

     - Being able to explode to all the subscribers in the        

        follower public account folder

· ​Public-Service Account

  (Being able to offer advanced function)

     - Being able to send message to 4 groups

     - The message can be seen by the followers on the

        chatting list

     - Being able to make good use of the API and offering

        customized service

     - Being able to use the built in payment system

· Varies marketing function

     - Search nearby

     - Bottle letters

     - Moment Word of Mouth

     - Take the advantage of QR code and use it in O2O


In order to secure the increase of the numbers of the fans , we hold a variety of event on SNS channel which matches with certain hot issues in that season

RT event/interesting events that is carefully planned/events that reinforce the awareness of the brand .etc.

Even through most of the events happen online, offline events are also possible if needed.

· Planning 

     - Be clear about the purpose of the event before planning

 (Is it for regular customers, fans or just spread the contents etc. ) 


     - Take into consideration the budget while planning events

     - Draft out a simple guidelines which is able to deliver the

       contents of the event


· Contents spreading

     - Expend participants by contents spreading

     - Take advantage of marketing tools and the varieties of

       media channels that SNS Stars possess

     - Attract participants by constantly expose the event

· Outcome expectation

     - Branding and product promotion

     - Secure the increase of fans of the brand community 

     - Through the space of the event contents to create a

        community of the participants


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