The Chinese influencer (wanghong) 

KOL marketing mainly uses the personal media of Chinese SNS influencer, it operates through commenting, video shooting and offline inviting 

It is a promotion ways that achieves a lot within a short period of time 

· The reason to choose Chinese SNS Star

    1. As for advertisement expense ,It has ten times differences between China and Korea even for the same advertisement. 

    2. The materials needed are huge and the  censorship is very strict 

    3. Nowadays in China it enjoys a higher inflow than that of the PC.

    4. Chinese people are inclined to gain information from weibo and wechat , and they trust these two platform a lot.

· The process of select wanghong

     - collect and list SNS stars>analysis SNS stars> analysis the fitness of marketing 

     - while collecting SNS stars, we set 3,000 fans or above as the standard of selecting 

     - After the first round of selection, those SNS stars will be future analyzed

     - Differentiate fans, targets, region, channels and age of each SNS star and arrange them appropriately according marketing plan. 

· The contents of SNS star

     - branding video:from the receiving of the product to a detail review of the usage of the product

     - live:real time introduction and and interaction and communication with fans. 

     - Video planning:create videos within a story line 

​SNS Star Fan Tour

Select SNS stras in a variety of different area, for example web drama, advertisement and MV

Liaise for SNS stars, invite, translate and etc.,all needs the support of an agency.

· The criteria of selection

     - Influencers that has joined in a variety of events before and those who has a casts stronger influences 

     - Choose those who matches with the product from a number of over 2,000 Influencers

     - Use those who are better known by the public, like famous TV stars, public opinion leaders, models and artists.

· The role of the company

     - SNS star casting and inviting 

     - Translate and accompany

     - Offer other support and all the things that a agency needs to do 

​SNS Star real time live

- Not famous stars but normal SNS Star….a “SNS star economy” reaches 18 trillion won 

- A combination of internet shopping and real time live.

- Chinese e-commerce is undergoing incredible changes.

- “The old image of Chinese e-commerce + the limits felt when the traditional texts marketing moves to mobile platform. 

- It is surely eye-catching when use SNS stars and real time live to adding entertainment elements 

· Operating mechanism 

   From casting to planning and performance management


· Marketing

     - Direct introductions of the product through real time live.

     - A way of direct sales marketing

· Take the advantage of varies platform

   Yi, HuaJiao,Taobao,Meipai,Mocha,Yingke and Mogujie


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