Baidu Wikipedia

Same as that of the Naver Wikipedia,the Wikipedia that exists in the biggest search engine of China,you can choose between Baidu Wikipedia, interaction Wikipedia

You can have you bland information register on the reputable and Baidu Wikipedia which can helps to improve the image of your brand and credibility

· Differentiating

     - Baidu Wikipedia/Hudong Wikipedia

     - Baidu Wikipedia: The application needs to undergo a relatively strict scrutiny, and it requires domestic BI, it holds a relatively high authority

     - Hudong Wikipedia/: it is easy to upload articles so as the to plagiarizing, thus it has a relatively low credibility 

· Target goal

     - A basic search of a certain enterprise

     - Ensure your company appears on the first page of baidu while searching with a given key word

     - Once it being indexed,it lasts forever

​Baidu Know How/Baidu library/Baidu experience/Baidu posts

· Baidu know -how solves customers doubts by self-asking and self-answering the question. This serves to improve the exposing of the brand and product; it also helps to improve credibility

· Baidu posts: uploads articles on certain BBS,BBS offers  communication platforms for people who are interested in ISSUS, 

· also serves as a platform to share helps to manage enterprises and helps the brand or name of the enterprise appears on the first page of the search engine

· Difference

     - Know how: baidu, 360, Sogou 

     - Library/experience:  better for products promotion, main merits of the brand needs to be planned out

     - Posting community: now this category has adapted to MT, it is easy to attract people's attention and information spreads fast

· Target goals

     - Products or brand name appears on the top page of the baidu

     - Making plans from the angle of the customers, bringing out questions and answering.

     - Spread information of the product and compare with rival brands.


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