Pop-up stores/questionnaires/investigate the target market/events and other offline marketing strategies  so on and so forth Customers reactions to the product involved can be checked immediately and it helps to check the online marketing as well.

매일유업 01
매일유업 02
매일유업 03
매일유업 04
매일유업 05
매일유업 06
매일유업 07
매일유업 08
매일유업 09
매일유업 10
바이브레이트 01
바이브레이트 02
바이브레이트 03
바이브레이트 04
바이브레이트 05
바이브레이트 06
바이브레이트 07
바이브레이트 08

· Offline marketing

    - Product Promotion, invite influencer, and investigation is

      also possible

    - It is possible to choose an appropriate area on the basis of

      marketing targets

    - In order to maximize the effects of the promotion, invite                influencers that matches with the concept of the event

Offline Marketing

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