Wechat Commence

Online marketing which employ wechat is a very good method to improve brand awareness and promote products

< Ways of how to promote and cooperate >


1. Expose products in ways of PPL in video or real     time live

     - Better to promote new released products and low  

        price products

     - Being able to detect agencies and wholesalers

2. Only charges commission RS and products can      be sold at consignment

     - Wechat store owners can expose and promote the             product in wechat moment

     - Able to detect potential customers / agencies /



Recruit Chinese students who study at universities in Seoul

Use these Chinese supporters to spread information and maximize their influences

1. Recruit foreigener students as supporters

     - Recruit Chinese students as supporters

     - Recruit methords: famale and influencers(weibo, QQ)

2. Mission assignment 

     - Differentiate missions on the basis of different products

     - Each supporter will assign with different product,

        supporters will write reviews about the products they


     - Order, deliver, and create contents on the usage of the


     - Induce Chinese SITE sales

3. Upload reviews of a product

     - Supporters personal SNS (weibo,wechat moment and

       personal blog)

     - BBS that target both male and female (life style, infant

       care, cuisine, fashion and beauty)

     - Reposting, commenting and liking 

Taobao operation support 

Share profits that gained by partnering with Taobao DJ and selling product on real time live, translation and basic operation maintaining

· Basic support  

   Taobao shopping mall opening, and Taobao shopping mall operating support 


· Marketing 

     - Sell products through cooperating with BJ

     - Taobao paid advertisements operation support 

     - Website translation and taobao shpping mall



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